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Yes, my life is that sad...

Sad plane flight things
Last week, I was trying to sort out what flights I needed for the rest of the project with my colleague. She got so confused by the mess caused by unused legs of return journeys and their travelling to Munich from Dusseldorf while I was coming in from London that I had to draw the following diagram!

That is not a good thing... For those who care, LH=Lufthansa, BA=British Airways, LHR=London Heathrow, DUS=Dusseldorf, MUC=Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport, legs of the same colours represent legs of the same flight...

The reason for the red question mark is that it now looks like it's quite likely I ain't coming back next weekend due to deadline crunch time :-( And I fly to Munich this evening for an early morning meeting tomorrow!
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