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I so need to finish this project or stop obsessing about cons or both. Over breakfast, I started designing a convention financial model in my head: key inputs, parameters, assumptions, interrelationships etc. like numbers and costs of guests; their effects on attendee numbers, photo revenues; facility hire costs etc.

Help me, Obi-Wan, you are my only hope...

Forgot to mention: Got a call from Liz on Monday, seems she was concerned I hadn't replied to her email with my apparently usual swiftness. On determining where I was, she immediately asked, "So when are you back to take me out? What are you doing the weekend after this?"
"Er... I'm busy on both days..."
"Right, then it'll have to be this weekend then!"
And so that is how I come to be meeting Liz for lunch at Covent Garden on Saturday at 1pm...

Thanks to all who posted ideas to my last entry. Still not there yet, but some ideas emerging from Looi's Collection of Low-Effort Costumes:

  • Earthforce
  • Seraph
  • Templar

(sorry, Kris, amusing as the notion is, I am not doing a giant 99 Flake!)

  • Agent
  • Assassin/Hitman
  • SWAT (even have Gotham City PD and SWAT patches)
  • Psi Cop
  • SG-13 (or whichever team it is which seems to get wiped out every other episode)
  • Some other clearly expendable character (ie "Why do they call you Dogmeat?")
  • Federation Trooper
  • Immortal (have to go to Battle Orders or similar for big sword, what a hardship!)
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