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Germany, cons and more Germany...

Last week in Germany
It's been a while since I last posted. Still alive and well, still working in Germany. I'm finding this project more draining than previous ones, possibly because I'm doing not just one, but two stupidly early morning flights a week: London-Dusseldorf on Mondays, Dusseldorf-Munich on Fridays, then back to London. Or, it could be I'm just getting too old for this shit! Still, just two weeks to go, the weekend following end of project is Eternal.

Fusion arangements, disposal of
On the subject of cons, I've arranged to transfer my Fusion ticket to Jasmine (laceoversand) and the hotel room booking to Heather (burntcopper). While this is good because my financial liabilities are now taken care of, it's rather depressing to be dismantling all my Fusion plans.

London Film and Comic Collector Con
Last weekend was the Film and Comic Collector Con at Wembley but, to be honest, until the day before all I knew about it was there was going to be a Blake's 7 cast (and fan) reunion! When Jackie's (ladydchaos) accomodation plans for the weekend fell through, I said she was welcome to stay but at the risk of having to sit outside the house on Friday night if my flight back from Germany got delayed. It did. Fortunately, however, looks like she arrived just as my minicab did!

Saturday morning, Jackie headed straight to Wembley, I headed down into Central London to meet the guys from the Dead Soma Society aka the "Northern Ponces" (we Terra Nostrans are known to them as the "Sad Southern Bastards" - Brownie point to anyone who understands the reference), a bunch of B7 fans from 'oop North, who wanted to wander round London for a bit first. After rendezvousing with Sue, we ended up in Fortnum & Mason's (!), the Covent Garden market and Forbidden Planet (where I acquired a furry Cthulhu hand-puppet!) before lunch in Chinatown.

All this meant we were somewhat later than planned getting to Wembley and only had time for a quick whizz round before the cast reunion talk. I did pick up the B7 DVDs and a few issues of Gotham Central for Heather though. The talk itself was OK but the infrastructure arrangements could have been better - the lights were too bright for the blooper reel, there were no mics for the audience etc. Still, it was great to catch up with a whole bunch of people, some of whom I hadn't seen in years! The DSS and TN also retired to a pub for dinner afterwards to wallow in B7 and other geekery afterwards.

When I got home, I was IMing with Julian to arrange to exchange various CADPAT-type things at Wembley the next day when I heard a scratching at my bedroom door which gave me a shock, given I thought Jackie was off to one of her pervy Goth clubs. Turned out she'd got back, caught a nap and mis-set her alarm! Me to Julian "Er... BRB, Jackie's still in the house!". His reply: "lol you weren't walking round in your boxers, were you?"

So, Sunday we both headed back to Wembley, and I had more of a chance to look around the stalls. Main impression: for a comic con, there weren't an awful lot of people selling comics. Hell, there were more stalls selling swords! Took a lot of photos of the display of T3 future war costumes though...

Still, had a chance to chat more with old friends at the B7/Horizon tables, some of whom were a bit surprised when, at various points, Jackie, bornof_thenight and sakara75 came by, dressed as they were, especially the latter two, as Trinity and Selene! "How did you meet them?" "Er... it's a long story". Also just about managed to catch up with andromakie, Chewtoy and odangochan and even a very late-running Julian. At least this means all I need now to complete my CAPDAT outfit is some name tapes. Hmm... Privates Terrence and Phillip, perhaps? ;-)

I headed back early-ish to start preparation for the week in Germany, when Jackie got back, we ordered in a pizza, she introduced me to Hellsing (I'd previously shown her an episode each of Ultraviolet and B7) which is possibly the first anime thing which actually caught my attention. I found it (and the main character) very reminiscent of the PC first-person shooter Blood.

This week in Germany
Anyway, back in Germany. More funny things one learns:
  • a major brand of satellite TV receivers in Holland is AssCom.
  • France Telecom is planning a TV over DSL service called MaLigne TV. Google translates that as Malignant TV.

Tuesday: Weird day - had at least two different mice scrambling up my laptop mains cable and lurking behind my PC on at least four different occasions. The cheeky sods didn't even have the decency to run when I spotted them, they just sat there watching me! We caught one and ejected it from the office but the other proved a tad fleeter of foot. Heather enquired via SMS if they were perhaps tech support mice...

Also, Is it a bad sign that I dreamt last night I was in a panic because someone had fraudently put a massive charge on my Visa card and taken me over my credit limit? Even weirder, I distinctly recall, in the dream, checking the transaction and finding it to be £7,900 worth of boxed CD and DVD sets!

At least it's a relaxed day, waiting for reactions from client
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