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Random catchup things

Last week in Germany was pretty gruelling. Verena's comment on Friday was that she felt like she normally would at the end of a project, not at the end of the second week. The client people are a tough but reasonable bunch - challenged us a lot but listened well.

Looks like Sonia's (odangochan) assessment of Meerbusch as a country town may be spot on. Thursday night in the hotel restaurant, a group of hotel staff suddenly appeared around me, presented me with an appetiser of sweet and sour vegetables and chicked, and a set of chopsticks. They then grinned and went "oooh" and applauded as I used the chopsticks. I can only assume they don't have cable TV round there...

It's also funny what you learn on projects. Whill reading up on the Dutch TV market, I observed several sources had commented that while close on 95% of Dutch households were cable-connected, a surprisingly high number of them also had a satellite dish. The reports only said it was to access other content not available on cable and I was wondering what that might be. One of my colleagues told me. "It's to get the hardcore porn channels on Eutelsat and Hotbird!" Well, I did ask...

A weird realisation - by the end of this project, I'll have run up around £2k on plane fares alone. OK, so I'll get that all back as expenses but that's still an awful lot of working capital to be fronting up. Guess I won't be needing too much prodding to get my invoices and expenses in on time for this project!

Still, managed to watch a few things on my laptop recently, including:
  • Angel 5x14 (Smile Time) - deeply twisted and bloody hilarious. That's all I'll say for now.
  • The unaired US Ultraviolet pilot - It essentially combined elements of Habeas Corpus and In Nomine Patris and wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared but was definitely a pale shadow of the original. Unsurprisingly, Idris Elba was the best thing about it but he still felt rather incongrous - he was introduced as a Fed who'd also spent time "in the Army" but no one seemed to notice he sounded, well, rather British... It also suffers too much from the "all vampires are beautiful, cool and sexy" complex. Overall, passable but I'm rather glad it never got off the ground.
  • I've also just finished watching the final episode of Nowhere Man. Definitely the ultimate paranoid fantasy. By the end, Tom Veil, the hero, finds himself unable to rely on anything, even his own memory and identity! Highly entertaining though.

Spent this morning helping my sister get wedding invites printed up, duplicated and posted off as Duncan had had to return to HK on Wednesday. All I can say is, if I ever get married, I will be expecting him to do his share of envelope stuffing in return!

Took my sister to the airport this evening. It occured to me that by Monday, I'll have been at Heathrow 3 days out of 4. Going to the airport meant I had to pass on this evening's League of the Non-Aligned pub meet although I did remotely participate in a minor way by the odd SMS message.

Just once, why can't anything con-related be simple? SG-8's been shifted to 5-7 Nov. The same weekend Nic (kittynic) gave me as provisional date for Bitten 2004. Argh!!!!

Lastly, a word for anyone still interested in giving airsofting a try: We're planning a two day affair down at Sopley (an urban/CQB site), near Bournemouth, on 9-10 April (Fri & Sat of Easter weekend). At the time of writing, I still have one spare weapon and space in the car left. See here for scenario outline. Yes, the people who wrote it have played too much Half Life/Opposing Force! Sue's already comfirmed she wishes to go so I suspect she'll be wanting the P-90 and I expect I'll be using the Steyr AUG as usual which leaves the M-16.
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