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Embarassing music time!

Stolen from cynicalcylon and gerriparker

Get all your audio files on whatever player you use. Stick it on Random and write down the first 15 songs, no matter how embarassing :)

  1. Springsteen, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (live)
  2. Billy Ray Cyrus, Bread Alone
  3. Alice Cooper, No Tricks
  4. Don Henley, Everybody Knows
  5. Sarah Evans, The Knot Comes Untied
  6. Voice of the Beehive, Beat of Love
  7. LeAnn Rimes, The Rose
  8. Vonda Shepard, Downtime
  9. The Eagles, Seven Bridges Road
  10. Robin Beck, First Time
  11. Rush, Middletown Dreams
  12. The Travelling Wilburys, Wilbury Twist
  13. Dwight Yoakam, It Is Well With My Soul
  14. David Lee Murphy, Every Time I Get Around You
  15. Celtic Moods, Hebridean Prayer

Must confess, that is the second result, done using RealPlayer. The first run, using Windows Media Player looked highly suspect - the track supposedly being randomly selected was clearly making its way down the playlist rather than jumping around as it did with RealPlayer (I did 30 tracks just to confirm), showing weird artefacts like the same artist showing up 3 times in the 1st 15 etc. However, for completeness, here is the WMP selection.

  1. Gary Moore, Still Got The Blues,
  2. Charlie Daniels, Gone for Real,
  3. Steppenwolf, Your Wall's Too High,
  4. Chris LeDoux, Billy The Kid,
  5. Trisha Yearwood, I'm Still Alive,
  6. Trisha Yearwood, Where Are You Now,
  7. Jessica Andrews, Good Friend To Me,
  8. H & Claire, Let Me Carry You,
  9. Tiffany, I Think We're Alone Now,
  10. Patty Loveless, Nothing But The Wheel,
  11. Mindy McReady, For A Good Time Call,
  12. Patty Loveless, Daniel Prayed,
  13. Buffy Cast, I've Got A Theory,
  14. Sammy Kershaw, Memphis, Tenessee,
  15. Trisha Yearwood, There Goes My Baby

According to WinXP, I have 12,861 audio tracks on my PC. I'm moderately impressed neither WMP nor RP barfed when I added them all in!
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