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Ugh. I am a moron - it's official. I was sorting through some old paperwork yesterday and found a tax refund cheque from the Inland Revenue for £700+. Only it expired about 6 months ago. How the **** did I overlook that?!? Guess I need to call them and plead a bit...

Fencing was fun if hectic - not only did the Streatham guys descend upon us, we also had a new epéeist show up. She was very good - international competition standard, judging by the "SIN" letters on the back of her jacket. Yep. I got my ass kicked by a Singaporean. Well, at least I held her to 10-5 which is better than most of us managed. Because it was so packed last night, we were cycling as many people through the pistes, first to 5 points only, timed, and then next pair, instead of the usual marathons. Actually made for a very interesting change in perspective - with longer bouts you get sanguine abotu dropping a point or two as you figure you have time to pull it back. Not when it's first to 5...

Had a somewhat surreal conversation with another epéeists at the end of the session. I commented that there was a pint of Kronenbourg Blanc out there with my name on it and she replied "Oh, is she at the George?". After a tortuous exchange, it transpired she'd somehow misheard what I said for something approximating "I'm off to join Kate at the pub" :-O (she'd bunked off early to go to the pub as the foil pistes were extremely busy). Huh. Anyway, this led to a weird discussion about whether men thought of a pint as a she (her view) or an it (my view). Feh. Political science students... Mind you, the automatic association of Kate and pints of beer is actually not that far off the mark! ;-)

Lastly, recently rediscovered link: Dictator Top Trumps - Commodus to Kim Jong Il! Now, I need to find a print shop that'll do playing cards!
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