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Met up with some ex-colleagues from Rubus for drinks last night (Wednesday). A very interesting evening, especially when the IT security boys, now working for different banks, started talking about little close-run embarrasments. One of the guys also now works for an e-business consultancy down in Waterloo and he was keen to talk further as they're looking for more functional architects/strategy people. Worth the price of admission for that alone. Otherwise, much pleasant gossiping over beer.

I'm sure I'll remember at some point why I thought it was a good idea to meet these guys on an empty-ish stomach but I staggered home, crashed on the sofa and was about to go up to bed at 2am-ish when Heidi (bornof_thenight) IMed me to say she had no guns for her Trinity outfit for Starfleet Ball. So, sure enough, I ended up popping over to drop off a pair of springer airsoft Barettas this morning.

I finally got round to putting in my invoices and expenses for my last project. Heh. You'd think with the amount of money at stake I wouldn't need to be reminded to do so by the people in Germany... Anyway, also got a heads up: looks like a Monday start for next project.

Since I'm most likely not going to be there for the next 5 weeks, I decided to make the most of tonight's fencing and managed to give a much better account of myself, even managing to charge my opponent fast and hard enough he fell over trying to retreat! Hell, I even fenced foil!

One piece of good news (to me anyway): Battlestar Galactica's been picked up by Sci-Fi for a 13 episode series.

Have arranged fitting for Monkey costume with Tors (tirinar) for 11am Sunday.

Tomorrow, must update CV and get it to the various people who've asked for it!

Right, time to have a look at Angel 5x13...
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