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Photos at Yahoo photo album. Yet another highly entertaining weekend.

Got to the con rather later than planned, primarily due to getting engrossed in playing Fist Alpha, the Vietcong expansion pack. After checking in, I caught up with Sally, Karen and Cathy and the League of the Non-Aligned guys, including Sue who I'd only just met for beers on Wednesday!

There was the usual meet-and-greet with the guests going round the tables but the main hall just felt too cramped so I ended up hanging out around the bar with the LOTNA guys. Seems Sally was looking for me and found me because Karen correctly assumed the bar was where I'd be. Not sure what to make of that...

Spent most of the day wearing my CADPATs, mainly just to annoy James as these things appear to offend his eye. The guests were all pretty entertaining. Highlights include:
  • Teryl Rothery getting flak on screen once more for having the world's smallest bladder - seemed like she was constantly dashing into the loo or running late because of that.

  • Ronny Cox kicked off with a quick set of songs from him and his band - he's also a Country and Western singer. When someone asked him about any political ambitions, given Arnie's success, he commented that one good thing about Arnie's election is that he'd be able to read the text of the Patriot Act in its original language!

  • When David Palfrey mentioned he'd lived in Amsterdam for a bit, I had to ask the inevitable question about whether he'd gone to the coffee shops much, which got a laugh. He did confess he'd once got a call from his mother while he was high as a kite. Sally commented afterwards that I would be the one to ask that. I tried suggesting that she only thought it was me because we all looked alike, to which she replied "Ming, there's only one of you here..."

The Saturday night party kicked off with a set from Ronnie Cox and co. Not bad at all, bit more sedate and laid back than the C&W I usually listen to. Needless to say, the party theme was Country and Western. Again. Heh. Wonder if this and Senior Partners is setting a trend? ;-) Alas, I forgot my C&W stuff so I had to make do, like a few others, with Hawaiian shirts (think of it as ultra far West...).

There were some stunning outfits in the costume competition, including a superb Unus. However, no question that Tors (tirinar) and co more than deserved their victory in the group category for their outstanding Wormhole X-Treme outfits. Also didn't hurt that Jill Teed, who played Stacy Munro in W-X was a surprise guest! Andy's Sharpe outfit was pretty stunning too.

One of the people I got talking to proved to be Kelspook from Tangent 21. She asked "were you the guy walking round in the Canadian gear earlier?" "Good call..." Another person I got talking to was from the Dutch contingent. She turned out to be from Utrecht and had also spent a fair bit of time in Delft, both of which I'd spent quite a while working in, so cue much reminiscing about the Netherlands.

Also spoke to both Simon and Steve about the Monkey and Princess Bride group costumes respectively and both were up for it. Hell, Simon also said he still had access to a Tripitaka costume, if we could find a suitable candidate. Cough cough Heather/burntcopper cough.

Oh, and Sue said if I did go ahead with a Raiden outfit, she'll do Sonja Blade!

Got out the olive drabs, black tac vest and P-90, along with the rest of the LOTNA. Generally, over the weekend, there seemed to be rather fewer guns and uniforms on display than at SG-6. I find this trend rather disturbing... Kelspook was very interested in the P-90 as, being an ex-squaddie, the ammo feed on it had been bugging her (was trying to figure out how it worked as the magazine stores rounds perpendicular to the barrel)!

God help me, I signed up for SG-8 after seeing a trailer announcing the chap who plays Lord Yu. Had a quick word with Tors afterwards about a quote for a Yu outfit. Seems also that Chewtoy got a bit concerned when she told him "Ming wants to do Yu"!

Come evening, Sally, Karen and Cathy all bugged out, citing some poxy excuse about working the next day. Pah. Still, once upon a time, that meant I'd have bugged out too - I did at N2K. Not any more... Since the LOTNA were in either dress blues or medical outfits and I had neither, I got out the MARPATs which, as well as annoying James, appeared moderately popular with various people like Steve and Sue wanting to try them on, especially the cap!

Tors and Andy also managed to turn heads with their Jessica and Roger Rabbit costumes. Most impressive.

Rest of the week so far
I also completed Fist Alpha. Slightly disappointed about that - the missions were great, there just weren't many of them...

I just got a heads-up that there may be more work for me in Germany - five weeks this time, split between Düsseldorf and Munich. Very convenient timing - should finish in good time for Eternal although Heather has warned me "Miss Eternal and die"... Also started putting together invoice for last project and was rather pleasantly surprised to discover that the day rate I was on was about 1/6 higher than I though it was!

Also had outbreak of nostalgia and paranoia - someone's posting episodes of Nowhere Man on Usenet. I vaguely recall it from the first time round - very much like a 90s version of The Prisoner and pretty neat so far.
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