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Getting home
I somehow managed to mobilise myself on Saturday morning to catch the 0527 train back to London and passed some of the time by watching Angel 5x11 en route. I may have been stuck in Meerbusch all last week but that wasn't going to stop me downloading it! I headed home for a quick shower and repack and headed straight back out to Horsham for Terra Nostra.

Terra Nostra
TN was the usual (if usual is the right word given how lax we've been about meeting recently) mix of too much food, drink, sad fannish discussion, silly games and crude humour. By God, I needed that after 8 solid days of wading hip deep in market forecasts and financial models! We also had the new Battlestar Galactica running in the background on my laptop and while they haven't watched it properly yet, everyone seemed pretty impressed by it. Another highlight: watching the Brady Bunch movie on DVD. All I can say is that it's totally groovy and neato! Whoever came up with the 70s/modern day contrast idea is a bloody genius.

Proceedings were briefly interrupted by a SMS from Heather (burntcopper) on a train, looking for a contact number for Tors (tirinar) & co which wasn't her AWOL mobile. All I can say is that Bluetooth and GPRS are rapidly becoming indispensable...

As a result of attending this weekend, Selena (kitsune76) is now a full member of the Terra Nostra, having met our rigorous qualification criteria. We've got only one rule: Everybody fights, nobody quits. You don't do your job, I'll shoot you myself You turn up. Again.

The following morning, David and I popped out to MVC, Game etc. while Karen and Selena were still asleep. Must confess I binged a bit (one bit of billable work and fiscal discipline goes straight to Hell): got Fist Alpha (expansion for Vietcong) and, for the Xbox, Panzer Dragoon Oorta, Amped 2 and Buffy 2... We thus spent the day mostly playing Xbox games and watching A Very Brady Sequel (we've since determined there was a third film which was made for TV apparently sucks ass but we want to see it!) while my laptop was busy burning Battlestar Galactica for VCDs for Lucy & Dennis (I'd done it previously for Heather but I wasn't entirely happy with the results and had deleted them, meaning to try again, only I got summoned to Meerbusch).

Also got a call from Heather enquiring about willingness to do Inigo Montoya in a Princess Bride costume group. Took me all of a nanosecond to decide that one. Hell, my current collection of foils and epées should be usable as props! Only downside was much piss-taking from fellow Terra Nostrans at prospect of me donning another curly wig...

Way unproductive day. I was on standby to be making amendments to the model but the client never sent me anything. I didn't mind too much as I spent much ofthe day getting acquainted with Buffy 2 on the Xbox. However, today, tough - got things to do and get ie restock fridge, get ready for SG-7 etc.

Also went fencing. Barely acceptable performance - rather sloppy with my en garde position at epée, exposed right hand side of my right wrist too much and got punished severely for it. On a brighter note, I've tentatively arranged to pop round to collect my share of the La Valette order from Kate's on Friday while on the way to SG-7. No sign of the MIA DVD order though but HMV is apparently shipping a fresh batch. Also turned out Kate and some friends of hers also have a strong interest in visiting Prague or Budapest so things are looking up on the travel front too.
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