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Got back to my hotel room after the trek across the Dark Field which was actually less spookily dark with the snow on the ground - didn't really need the torch this evening. Anyway, figured I'd do this quiz, stolen from sakara75 while winding down for the evening.

Which famous person do you most resemble?: I don't think I resemble anyone famous but I have been variously identified as the spitting image of Sulu, Harry Kim, Paul Wang, Fu Manchu, Bruce Lee and Chow Yun-Fat...

What is the most unusual thing about your body?: Probably my height, given my ethnic origins. Alternatively, I do seem to consistently thought to be younger than I am, even, most recently by someone Chinese so I guess my theory that it's a "we all look alike to the gweilo" thing doesn't actually hold water anymore.

What is your largest most noticeable body part?: Er... face?

Inner Self
What do you feel you need to be happy?: Friends, family and a certain level of material comfort

Have you ever had any mental disorders? Which ones?: Not that I'm aware of, unless going parachuting a few times counts.

Would you rather be honest and mean or nice and fake? Why?: I'd try to be honest and tell the truth but I'm not sure whether I could manage the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What do you judge people by? (Their looks,their intelligence, their humor?): Intelligence and personality

Do stereotypes annoy you or are you proud to be a stereotype?: Stereotypes have their place - they are useful shortcut mental models. The trick is not to slavishly rely on them and let them shape our perceptions - that's the bit that annoys me.

Do you get offended easily? What offends you?: I don't believe I get offended easily. Bigotry, closed mindededness and lack of basic consideration probably get to me most.

Are you especially insecure around the opposite sex?: God, yes!

Do you sometimes wish you were the opposite sex?: Nope.

Are you somtimes consumed by the desire for money?: Don't think I'm consumed so much as pretty clear what I will and will not do for money - I'm very much aware that, well-paid as consulting is/has been, I could have earned a lot more in, say, investment banking but the work and the workload didn't appeal.

Do you often sacrifice yourself to please people thinking it makes you good: Yes

Random Things
Would you rather lose all your limbs or become a conjoined twin? Why?: Can't say either appeals much but, narrowly, I'd probably go for lose all limbs,

What is your favorite book?: Sophie's World by Jostein Gaardner

What is your favorite episode of Family Guy and what makes it so special?: Never seen it

Do you understand why video games turn people nasty and crazy sometimes?: I do not believe video games turn people crazy. Rather, they become an outlet for some crazy people and in fact, are great stress relievers.

Do you find pedophiles disgusting?: Yes.

What about people that pee in the street?: Yes but to nowhere near the same extent.

Can you name all the dwarves in The Hobbit?: No, the only one I can recall offhand is Thorin.

Do strange things turn you on? Do tell!: Does having a thing for bright, competent fantasy women count ie Scully, Vansen, Willow etc?

What is the best television commercial you ever saw?: The Grolsch "Stop. This porn movie is not ready yet" ad.

Do you believe in an afterlife? Either way, what would you want it to be?: I hope there is but I'm not sure I believe there is and so tend to live like this is all I'm getting.

Doesthe neverending search for the love we may never get seem stupid to you? : No, just occasionally dishearteningly futile.

Why do really strong painkillers make people sick sometimes?: Because we all have different body chemistries?

Do you think that in our short lives, we can begin to comprehend eternity?: Begin yes. That's it.

Which nationality has the sexiest accent?: Talking about female ones only - Probably a tie between the Dutch and posh English ones. Actually, I suspect the real answer is any one which is directed at me...
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