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Careful what you wish for...

You might just get it...

Just had a phone call from Germany. They do indeed have a project for me. They need me to fly out tomorrow morning to Dusseldorf for a week, solid. Typical client thing - they wait for ages and then suddenly it's ultra-urgent. This does mean, however, no fencing tonight and I can also scratch the Chinese New Year lunch group I was assembling for Sunday!

Just as well then that I decided to have a slightly premature celebration last night - put up some banners, got in some goodies and had a Chinese takeway and Tsingtao while watching a completely mad Hong Kong martial arts movie featuring Michelle Yeoh!

Still, guess that definitely qualifies as a prosperous start to the New Year...

Other news, since I'm here:
My sister sent me out yesterday on yet another weird mission - to scout out price and availability of lace fabric for wedding dresses. While I was out doing this, I got a voicemail from the recruitment consultancy that got me my previous job and my first heads-up call from Germany telling me that there might be something coming. No kidding...

The call from Germany came while I was in Forbidden Planet. Heather (burntcopper) had got me a couple of Stormwatch graphic novels for Christmas and, having read them, I really wanted the next few to see how the story evolved. Damn you, Heather! Heads-up: there may be a long ramble from me about Stormwatch, The Authority, IO, Team 7 and moral standards in the Wildstorm universe coming up. Anyway, so there I am, in the basement, loaded up with Stormwatch graphic novels and 3 weeks' worth of X-Men issues and suddenly, I'm yakking away about my availability (ie what cons I had coming up), visa and health requirements for India (project could have taken me there), business models and so on! Does this outweird the mini-slashcon in the LotR action figures area last time I was there?

After discovering my new AUG gearbox was way over-powered, it turned out my previous one was salvagable after all - it's been repaired and firing at 322-325fps, perfect - just under the standard UK site limit of 328fps.

I have Angel 5x10.

Argh. Time to go iron shirts and pack.
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