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Been spending the last few days getting CV in shape and getting it out to various agents, employers etc, calling people and all the usual rigmarole. Got a possible lead on a project in Rome. It'd be kind of scary - first time ever on a project all on my own, no teammates, no colleagues, no backup.

Went to fencing for the first time since I got back from HK. Got a good kicking, right leg is still v stiff and, to top it all, the wire on one of my epees broke so I'll need to take it in to Leon Paul for repairs. Still, much fun. Kate says I need to go round to her place at some point to pick up my share of the order of the Maltese wine order. Really not a problem. Half a dozen bottles of La Vallete is plenty of incentive. Alas, also transpires the Royal Mail managed to lose our DVD order so I still don't have those Robin of Sherwood DVDs :-(

On a totally unrelated note, Time Magazine has selected the US Soldier as its Person of the Year. In Hong Kong, the Yuen Long Crocodile won the Personality of the Year poll with some 36% of the vote. By comparison, ISTR Hong Kong's health workers for ~25% of the vote and the highest scoring individual got 13%. Wow.

First of all, background: the Yuen Long Crocodile is a croc which has been seen prowling the Yuen Long area in Hong Kong for several months and which has eluded all attempts to capture it so far, including a crocodile hunter brought in from Australia. Local commentators suggested it was voted in because, by eluding capture for so long, it was seen to be defying the authorities, much like last year's winner, a local Bishop. My sister's view is that RTHK's audience are primarily gweilo who were taking the piss.

Whatever the reason, I still can't help feeling the Hong Kong choice is more comprehensible than Time's!
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