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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Devourer of Time

David and I were supposed to have had a network games weekend down in Horsham. Well, we spent the weekend playing PC games alright, just without the networking bit. Yep, we both got our copies of GTA: Vice City just before the weekend and we spent most of it playing Vice City separately but constantly swapping tips and discoveries.

By 'eck, Vice City's good. As brilliantly twisted, funny and amoral as its predecessors and well tweaked to remove some of GTA3's oddities ie rampages now remain and can be retried if you fail them. Also disturbed David somewhat with my knowledge of 80s music from the soundtrack ("no, that's Self Control by Laura Branigan").

Gah. Between this and Vietcong, I can see all my spare time being already spoken for for the forseeable future. And I'm supposed to start this new German project sometime this week and need to get ready for Silver Arrow...

And, just to finish off, a quiz nicked from Jackie, Kristen and others:
You should be a Virgo, Analytical, rational, fair,
methodical, talented, planner, hardworking,
discriminating, tasteful, motivated, reserved,
intelligent, creative, orderly, structured,
but can be critical, rigid, sarcastic,
snobbish, narrow-minded,

~*What is your TRUE Zodica sign?*~
brought to you by Quizilla
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