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Heidi's Birthday party

Went to Heidi's Birthday bash in Southall last night. Getting there proved to be challenging. First of all, it seems I've driven the A406-Hangar Lane-A40-A312 route to Heathrow or Horsham so often I'm starting to do this on auto pilot. Once again, I forget I needed to go one more turn-off round Hangar Lane first, to pick up Julian. Whoops. Once I did pick him up, we got hopelessly lost for a bit...

Had a great time once we got there. Nice to see Jackie, Kristen and Jo again, the last of whom has also started giving me crap about going to Starfleet Ball. Also saw a chap in Colonial Marine fatigues and armour. Damn near mugged him for the gear! Hell, between him, Julian in CADPAT and another chap in urban camo, for a change I was feeling out of place for not being in military gear! Hell, if I'd known there was going to be a Colonial Marine present, I'd have brought the Pulse Rifle.

I had brought a pair of pistols for Jackie's Lara Croft outfit but alas, she'd changed just before we got there. Ah well, they still came in handy for Heidi's Trinity appearance. Heh. Turned out the Chinese jacket I was wearing also made for a passable Seraph outfit, once it was reversed from its black to its white side.

Scary sight: Heidi and Jackie pole dancing and suspending themselves from the pole using leg strength alone. At Jackie's request, I'd brought the video camera and captured some of that. Like I said, scary... Got a bunch of photos of costumes too, needless to say!
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