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I didn't get my AUG gearbox till 11.30am on the day of departure, following a 1.15am phone call to arrange. It was handed over to me at Hong Kong Airport Express station before I checked in after much mobile phoneage due to me and the person I was meeting having different ideas of what a check-in area meant in English... Not an experience I will care to repeat again!

Flight back from Hong Kong was cramped but uneventful, other than landing an hour early at Heathrow. I did see some oriental guy in immigration line ahead of me get grilled on where he'd got his passport and then get hauled off. Spotted him again in Baggage Reclaim being escorted by an official who was saying something which finished off with "...you could go to jail" :-O

London's colder than Hong Kong but actually, not as cold as I was expecting. As expected, most of Saturday was a write-off recovering from jetlag, going through mail, unpacking and sorting out laundry. Today's looking better - woke up at about the right time, 7.15am.

I did have a momentary panic that my DSL link was down but it turned out to be a crashed router. Also did a load of job hunting-related surfing. Some possibly interesting looking stuff about but beginning to worry consulting has turned me into a great generalist with insufficiently strong specialisations when the opposite was the criticism I most often got when I started consulting!
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