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The Gin Drinkers' Line

Finally made it to the Shing Mun Redoubt, part of the Gin Drinkers' Line, today. Bit of a moderately painful climb up part of the MacLehose Trail (full trail is apparently 100km!) at Shing Mun reservoir/country park and spent the afternoon wandering and occasionally crawling through dark tunnels and overgrown firing positions. It did occur to me at various points this was possibly a really dumb thing to be doing as there was absolutely no one else down the tunnels and Ihad no torch with me... Nonetheless, had fun exploring Shaftesbury Avenue, Oxford Street, Regent Street and Picadilly. Alas, Charing Cross looked silted up and muddy so I passed on that which meant I couldn't get through to the Strand Palace Hotel!

Main thought was that I am astounded the whole complex was apparently manned by only a single platoon, presumably ~30 men. Given how thinly spread they'd have been over just the positions I saw, no wonder the Redoubt fell overnight to the Japanese instead of the week or so which had originally been planned.

I then got wondering - the generally held view of the fall of Singapore is that Britain was expecting a sea-borne attack and was caught by surprise by the Japanese landing in Thailand and coming down the Malayan peninsular. However, a Singaporean author recently published a book called Operation Matador where presented evidence that Britain had anticipated the Japanese plans and even developed a counter plan, the eponymous Operation Matador. However, Churchill had decided Europe was the priority and the necessary resources were never committed. Makes me wonder if the chronic undermanning of the Gin Drinkers' Line was part of a similar decision...

Anyway, after that, into Mongkok only to learn the AUG gearbox still wasn't ready - seems the thing had jammed in testing. Still, got to briefly meet Tim Chan, a semi-legendary custom airsoft designer. Oh well, back again tomorrow. Just as well Mongkok was on my way back in to Central. There I met my sister and a friend of hers who was having some Birthday drinks. I think I definitely overdid the Long Island Ice Teas... crashed straight out briefly on getting back home.

Oh well, just one more full day in Hong Kong left...
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