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Back on the plane gang

My sister once told me "You got one lucky ass". More proof she's right: Having declined the work in Brazil, the staffing manager didn't call today after all and I wasn't inclined to pursue. I then got a call from another ex-colleague in Germany offering me 3 weeks work at a significantly higher day rate and she is fine with me taking time off to get to Silver Arrow (well, fine with taking the time off at any rate - didn't think it necessary to burden her with all the details ;-)).

Downsides are a fair bit of the work will be in Germany so I forsee a brief return of painfully early plane flights and a load of Excel modeling - inexplicably, I seem to have acquired a rep at last job as an expert financial modeler but I am less than convinced myself...

Nonetheless, good news as I:
  • have more work
  • get more money for it
  • still get to go to Silver Arrow
  • get to call my ex-employers on Monday to say sorry, but I can't help them out this time

and all because I decided I'd rather go to Silver Arrow than Brazil!

Funny how things turn out...

Definitely a good start to the weekend...
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