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Forgot to mention...

I think my sister's also turning to the Dark Side. A few nights ago she was discussing Roswell with my mother. My total knowledge of the series is "Aliens. Roswell. Aliens in Roswell"! Then, yesterday, she got me to set up a Bluetooth headset with her Nokia 6600. When I asked her what she wanted to call the phone, she said "Precious". I first called it that as a joke after RotK and she's been doing it ever since...

I asked some questions about British military details on the Team Sheep list for the SG-UK project. One of them recently asked me on MSN, "hows your sg-1 slash fiction going?" GODDAMMIT!

Also been working my way through my sister's season 8 X-Files discs. Missed a lot of these the first time round as I'd got rather disillusioned with The X-Files by then but one thing is still true - I still think Doggett's introduction definitely improved things compared with the previous couple of seasons. Love Scully carefully trying to broach the Mulder-type explanations without sounding like a complete loon!
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