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Catching up

Lazy New Year's Day. Spent the day at Shek O, a small fishing village (well, nominally a fishing village, more of a tourist destination these days) and Stanley

Had lunch at the Aberdeen dimsum place again, then caught the ferry to Mo Tat Wan on Lamma Island and started on the trail to Tung O, the village Chow Yun-Fat was born in. Now, the guide book said it was a 20 minute walk, as did a sign at Mo Tat Wan. Unfortunately, about half way there, we saw another sign saying it was another 20 minutes... The terrain was also rather rugged - lots of steep slopes - so my parents were definitely starting to suffer. The scenery along the way was stunning but Tung O itself was incredibly small. They'd probably have to borrow the One Horse from Mo Tat Wan... Took the requisite photos then headed to Sok Kwu Wan to catch the ferry to Central to meet sister and Duncan for dinner. The parents were very definitely the worse for wear by then...

Started celebrating my sister's Birthday. We were a day early but, alas, our parents had to fly back to KL the next day.

We started by heading out for a morning walk down to a nearby temple (we noted almost all the major statues and features were sponsored by gweilo!) and then to Repulse Bay for breakfast. Well, that was the plan. The dimsum restaurant wasn't ready yet so, yep, off to Aberdeen and the same restaurant, yet again. My father was rather amused that, on our third visit, he finally spotted three gweilo in the restaurant!

Lunch at the Hong Kong Golf Club, then down to Wan Chai to hunt down Year of the Monkey calendars (I'm a Monkey, incidentally) and a cake. Dinner was at the Verandah, a very posh restaurant in a 20s/30s-style colonial building. Only, I discovered, it was a replica. Seems the original was torn down to make way for a hotel which was unsuccessful so it in turn was torn down and a recreation of the original building constructed! Anyway, I'm starting to see why my sister likes it out here and why she feels I should come out to work here for a bit.

Also had a minor panic brought on by a SMS query and subsequent IM exchange with Heather (burntcopper) enquiring if I'd booked a hotel room for Fusion. I thought I had but I still wasn't too sure so I ended up calling the Norbreck just to confirm that I had. I'm going to start needing a spreadsheet to keep track of where I stand with various cons...

Secondary objectives

There's some other things I want to do this year. They're not as well-defined or imperative as my main resolutions but here goes:

There's a bunch of places which have been on my list of places I want to see for ages. I'd like to gt to at least one of these places but it's all terribly dependent on being able to talk someone into going too. Don't think it'll be too much fun going on my own although a package tour might suffice.

Top of the list is Rennes-le-Chateau/Montsegur/etc, heart of Holy Blood & Holy Grail, Templar, Cathar and conspiracy theory country (can't see there being many conspiracy theory package tours though...). Other places I'd like to see include Budapest, Prague and the Baltic Republics.

So, anyone fancy a trip to Templar country? ;-)

I used to read voraciously. In recent years, work and other things ate into reading time. My attention span also suffered from too many Powerpoint presentations and web pages. I've started reading more extensively again and I'd like to continue the trend. Thing is, I have a pretty huge backlog of books I want to read already, including the likes of various complexity theory books by the likes of Stuart Kauffman, John Holland and Brian Arthur, Gödel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstadter, Empire Made Me by Robert Bickers, 1421 - The Year China Discovered The World by Gavin Menzies and so on... I'd also like to try at least one philosophy book too (Nietzsche, Popper and Sartre all sound especially interesting).

Any suggestions for must-read books welcome...
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