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Last update of 2003?

Getting ready for dinner and New Year round here. Weird thing is it really doesn't feel like New Year. I think it's because I don't think of Hong Kong as a home-type place, like, say, Kuala Lumpur or London. Well, Happy New Year to all who might see this. Thanks too for the various invitations to New Year bashes ie Tors and Andy in Croydon but my current location would make attendance a tad awkward!

Last couple of days have been spent doing some more sightseeing. Yesterday, we went to the Po Lin ("Precious Lotus") monastery on Lantau ("Broken Head") Island, home to apparently one of the biggest outdoor Buddhas in the world. Certainly a bloody long walk up to it! And I even had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant! Sorry, won't happen again...

I also recently picked up a neat pair of Sterling silver Chinese dragon cufflinks from Stanley Market. I so need to get a job so I can start wearing this stuff again...

In my search for more digital camouflage goodness, I found OPSgear, a site selling camouflage mousemats and coasters, amongst others!

Got some good news from Blighty: My Glock 18c's been repaired. So, I just need to get back to the UK to pick it up. Guess I won't be needing to get a new one while I'm here then. Actually, while wandering through Mongkok again, I realised I wasn't actually really that interested in acquiring any new guns, just some accessories to pimp up my existing collection. The main thing I'd be after would probably be one of Tom Andrews' semi-custom SA-80s. BUT, only when I start working again.

Crap. More con clash problems. As if SG-7 being on the same weekend as the Old Cholmelians fencing match wasn't bad enough, I've just received an invitation to a Ceileidh (I presume that's Scottish for "piss-up"?) that very same Saturday! This is starting to get ridiculous.

On that theme, my dilemma over Hyperion and the Malta Open may be close to resolution. Following a flurry of SMSs and emails with Kate, it's increasingly looking like Malta isn't viable. If we head out early, we'll have virtually no overlap with the others before returning to the UK, given their travel plans and that missing work on Euro 2004 is not an option for her. For my part, finishing off the sightseeing on my own has little appeal and, as Kate pointed out a while back, there's not really anyone else in the group that shares our obsession with military history - Siege of Malta, Knights of St John, World War II etc. This means it's now a damned long way to go just to fence. Besides, it'd be rude to do this without her and it's not like I don't have something else I could be doing on 12-13 June...

So, scales are currently tipping in favour of Hyperion but... There's also always 2005...
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