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More weirdness - got an email from a friend who does translation work. She wanted to know what I knew about the SA80 assault rifle - she needed help with some of the more technical bits and thought of me. I guess I should be flattered but my sister's comment that, with all my weird interests and airsoft collection, if the Police ever took an interest in me, I was so screwed. Of course, the scary thing is that, from what she's explained, I can help her out...

Grabbed first issue of the new run of Authority and Ultimate X-Men collection volume 1. UXM is looking pretty good so far. Fascinating, if nothing else, because everything is different and yet familiar!

Fencing went reasonably well. Actually fenced more foil than epee tonight. Won both my foil bouts (somewhat to my surprise) but lost the epee one (Trevor's economy of motion is scary - punishes the slightest error or hesitation and I just wasn't being aggressive enough). Still knackered but at least there was hot water in the showers tonight!

Main thing is I let myself get talked into doing the Malta trip - fly out for a day's kicking at the epee competition (not doing the foil - that be just plain humiliating) and a week's holiday in Malta with a bunch of fencers! Unfortunately, almost all of them are flying out from Stanstead and myself and another late recruit will probably be flying out from Heathrow.

I'll probably end up doing what I do on most flights - sleep all the way through. Slightly surprising thing - apparently this is her first ever commercial flight (only ever been on RAF flights to date!). This could be interesting.
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