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Wasn't I supposed to have been made redundant?

Huh. Had a phone call a short while ago from the staffing manager at my former employer, asking about my availability for some freelance work, some 4 days after I finished doing just that for them. If I'm supposed to have been made redundant, why the calls?!?

Anyway, believe it or not, I declined a 2-3 week project in Brazil because I had personal things arranged for this month, most notably Silver Arrow in a couple of weeks. Yes, I actually declined freelance work in favour of a Robin of Sherwood con!

Still, that may still not be the end of things - he then asked about amenability to freelancing in London and said he'd try to re-jig staffing and call me back in the morning.

Major weirdness. Main thoughts:

  • I can't help thinking it'd be healthier for all if both parties went our separate ways, for now, at least (starting to sound like I'm talking about former girlfriends now!)
  • It was actually kind of exhilarating to be able to decline a project (and stand some chance of forcing a more convenient alternative)
  • Silver Arrow had better be good...
  • This is probably the kick up the backside I needed to get motivated about getting a new job
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