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Something of a bitty day - started to tackle the lawn (well, it was beginning to provide halfway decent cover for passing giraffes...), arranged a 3 month service on the car (more like 4 month now but original appointment got cancelled due to chickenpox) and various things too dull to mention.

Did some research and I think I've identified the DVD writer for me, the NEC ND1300A. Like the Sony, it supports DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW but is rather cheaper. Now downloading so much video that a CD-R isn't as convenient an archive medium as it used to be. I'll probably be placing an order as soon as I make up my mind on memory cards for the digital camera and PDA.

Oh, and I ordered a load of Meat Loaf back catalogue CDs (and a couple of Jim Steinman ones) from Play and Amazon. Looking forward to those no end!

Also learned that Play has apparently already shipped my pre-ordered copy of GTA: Vice City for the PC. Hooyah! Mind you, this is also going to be potentially painful as I'm already deeply engrossed in Vietcong. Sat Cong!

Fencing tomorrow could also be painful - I'm still feeling a tad stiff from Monday.
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