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Friday - A day of two halves

Friday was another rather busy but fun day.

Forbidden Plant, Fancy Dress and Food
First of all, a most pleasant day in the company of Heather (burntcopper). We'd had been trying to arrange to meet up for a while but between her work schedules, my various Christmas social things etc, that left yesterday during the day (I'd already arranged to see Iron Maiden in the evening) or Saturday evening. So, we opted for the former, meeting up at the magazine area of the Borders on Charing Cross Road. Rapidly coming to the conclusion it's a very convenient meeting point...

Anyway, first stop, the new Forbidden Planet to rectify a shocking gap in Heather's knowledge (where it is...). Having gone through the busts and sculptures by the entrance, we were then critiqueing the Lord of the Rings figures' likenesses or lack thereof when a girl already there agreed and we started talking. Not sure who brought up Livejournal but it transpired she was hugsnkisses_. A discussion about the previous evening's premiere started, then moved on to slashy things (kind of dropped out of conversation at this point), then along came Riley who expressed his hope I wasn't seriously planning to buy the Middle Earth Risk but oddly pointed me at the LotR backgammon... A couple of women also passed by, and said they couldn't help hearing the mention of slash because they were slashers too. This was all getting terribly bizzare!

We then proceeded to explore FP in detail. Odd highlights include a George W Bush action figure, decked out in military flightsuit and little Corgi-type Storm and Hulk cars. Huh? "Hulk overtake puny cars"? I don't think so... Needless to say, I also ended up acquiring the weeks new X-Mens plus intriguingly, first issue of a Kolchak: Night Stalker comic. Lost contact with HNK mainly because I was under orders to stay away from the graphic novel section while some issue with Christmas presents was sorted out...

So, we then started heading towards the Gaucho Grill for lunch but stopped by at Angels Fancy Dress. I don't know how many years and times I'd walked past it but this was the first time I'd ever been inside. They gave us a tour of the shop, all four floors of it. More costumes than you can shake a stick at and they also have a massive warehouse in Hendon (I've driven past it lots of times). Highlights included knitted chainmail armour (we were immediately thinking Templars and Legend 2004), lots of period stuff (oddly, Heather seemed to think smoking jackets and boaters would suit me - not entirely convinced) and ancient Egyptian and Imperial Chinese stuff (potentially very interesting for SG-7, especially the latter for a Lord Yu outfit). So, lots of intriguing potential ideas there.

Next stop, the Gaucho Grill near Picadilly for lunch. I've been rather fond of this place ever since my Dutch project days (it's a Dutch chain of South American steakhouses - go figure) and it'd been way too long since I'd been there - great steaks and caipirinhas. Over a long leisurely lunch, we exchanged Christmas pressies (woohoo - Stormwatch graphic novels! So, I can start to work out how exactly the Authority emerged) and ended up talking (amongst a great many things) about:

SG-1/Indy crossovers - started digging up and adapting details from an old conspiracy/UFO RPG campaign I used to run resulting in weird discussions of Nazi Stargate experiments, snatching the gate from under the noses of the advancing Soviets and finishing off the story with Indy walking into the gate room to join a SG team in olive drab, black vest and fedora...

SG-1/X-Files crossovers - pretty sure this will have been done to death but I was intrigued by the thought of what Mulder might make on learning about a top secret black budget government project using recovered alien technology to build experimental craft, with secret alliances with at least three different alien races, including one bearing a resemblance to the archetypal greys. We also had this weird thought of the SG-1 guys having lots of fun concocting bizzare cover stories to throw Mulder off track and O'Neill bollocking someone for screwing up the story about Mulder's sister. Again. Anyway, I think I might actually be tempted to try and run with this. Heather seems to think this will be good practice to gear up for trying Nanowrimo next year. Hmm...

Lastly, SG-UK. Heather mentioned the thought of culture clashes that would ensue from a British SG team. Next thing we knew, we were in full flow coming up with all sorts of bizzare set pieces and jokes ie US friendly fire - What's the difference between a Goa'uld and a squaddie? Don't know? Welcome to the SGC! Enough anyway to require these to be captured on Heather's iPaq. Hate to think what all the guys around us must have been thinking. We concluded this one by deciding to try doing this as collaborative community/journal thing. This sounds like it could be a whole load of fun. However, I sense myself getting swallowed up by the Dark Side here...

So, then back to Tottenham Court Road to hunt down a case for Heather's iPaq, a bit more wandering around and then, alas, it was time for me to head off to Earls Court...

Scream for me London! Scream for me! The... Iron... Maiden!!!
I'd arranged to see Iron Maiden some time back with Karen, one of the Terra Nostra and the only other person in it who appreciates Iron Maiden. I'd also tentatively arranged to meet Derrick, one of my Renaissance Solutions ex-colleagues - he'd mentioned at dinner on Wednesday he hoped to get a ticket. Well, we used to make jokes about consultants' tardiness and Renaissance Standard Time (local time zone plus 1 hour) - looks like Derrick's still keeping it. Still we managed a quick chat before going in (support band sounded crap anyway).

Karen and I were absolutely dismayed at first. To say our seats had a restricted view was understatement of the year. More like no view. Fortunately, just before Iron Maiden came on, one of the staff pulled us out and shifted us to much better seats. We got to our new places just as Bruce Dickinson started Wildest Dreams. Kind of appropriate, really...

Iron Maiden are one of my oldest musical loyalties, of all my interests, I suspect only Abba pre-dates them. Quite apart from the music, the stage performance was also very impressive - lots of backdrops popping down for different songs, Bruce waving a scorched and torn Union Jack for the Trooper, a barbed wire setup for Paschendale and a 12' hooded figure stalking the stage for Number of the Beast and so on.

Only real downside is that they've been going so long, whatever the set they play, there'll be a whole load of stuff they missed I'd havbe liked to have heard. Can't see that changing much though, not unless they start doing performances of Springsteen-esque proportions! Must also confess, in pauses between songs, I found myself mulling over ideas for SG-UK. I think I have a problem here...

One painful thing I also ended up doing - passing Meat Loaf tickets over to Karen (yes, we are the Terra Nostra rock dinosaurs). I won't be able to make that now because the only flight I could get to Hong Kong leaves the previous evening. Sigh... Seems her sister's already been sniffing around for my ticket!

Quiet by comparison. Been overdosing on Iron Maiden, did some shopping for stuff to take to Hong Kong for sister and parents and watched first episode of The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, starring Michael Pread. Hmmm... not convinced. Nice idea but it left me a bit cold. Still, got more episodes to go through first.

Main thing I did today was something ultra sad - pulled together a Powerpoint file showing order of battle for SG-UK, complete with a regimental cap badge. I've also been playing round with email messages and voicemails around SG-UK's establsihment in my head. I feel myself being consumed by the Dark Side. I haven't been this obsessive about anything like this since I was last actively role-playing (ie before I started consulting)!

Oh well, should go finish packing my guns and kit for tomorrow's skirmish. Need to get from East Finchley to Sopley for 9.30am. Oh joy...
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