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Tonight's social engagement...

...was dinner with Liz, one of my MBA classmates, at Mela, a rather nice Indian restaurant on Shaftsbury Avenue. As well as the usual catchup, gossip and discussion of career and work/life balance things, a couple of interesting things emerged:
  • You thought you went to some unusual cons? She's going to a Jewish one over New Year apparently. And plans to be in pulling mode!
  • She mentioned while reviewing my Senior Partner photos on my camera that Heather (burntcopper) had introduced her to the concept of slash fiction when a bunch of us went to see the first two Lord of the Rings films at the Imax earlier this year!
  • As we were leaving the restaurant, she observed someone wearing a green cloak so I pointed out it was the gala premiere of Return of the King. Must admit, after saying good night, I did do a quick recce to see if there was anyone I recognised still about. There wasn't but I did spot the odd elf and hobbit about, including a 6' hobbit! Got the impression there was also an awful lot more young girls about at the barriers than I would have expected too.

Anyway, since we'd finished earlier than expected (forgot since she works in the City, 7am starts are her usual pattern), I popped over to Oxford Circus to join the guys at the fencing club for post-fencing drinks. Turned out to be just the three of us but we had an interesting evening debating UK politics and the state of university education. Well, we found it interesting anyway. Hmm... I seem to be starting to enjoy political debates too much, I think...
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