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When hobbies collide

Crap! Crap! Crap!

I've just realised that Hyperion is on the same weekend as the Malta Open fencing competition. This is a serious problem. On the one hand I've already registered for Hyperion and nothing's booked for Malta yet. On the other, I was very seriously looking forward to going back for the Malta Open and actually entering the foil this time, not to mention plans to visit Gozo and pop across to see Mt Etna this time. So, do I cancel Hyperion or Malta? Time for some hard decisions...

Which brings me on to reflections on my con-going activities. I've been going to a lot more of them of late. Hell, three in November alone. This is beginning to cause problems like the one above. Cons get booked up anything up to a year in advance so it's easy to end up blocking out large parts of the year. This is increasingly causing problems for things like skirmishing - friends have already observed that "sorry, can't make it, will be at a con" is becoming an increasingly common response from me.

There's also the question of holiday time as I intend to get back into full time employment at some point. I'm alreadt registered for three cons next year (SG-7, Fusion and Hyperion), with a serious interest in three more (Eternal, Legend and Bitten). Taking the Friday and Monday off each time means that'd be 11 days' leave (Bitten wouldn't need Monday off) already. Add in time for Christmas/New Year and that doesn't leave much time for the likes of things I did this summer like Malta, Edinburgh and Sicily. And not sure time for going to cons is a good enough reason to choose freelance consulting as a career...

This all implies I need to seriously consider the correct balance between going to cons and all my other interests. I think I may have let the balance swing a tad too far.

The other thing I got thinking about on the Sunday night at Senior Partners was that there's an awful lot of people I know through the con circuit but actually know very little about outside of the fan/con environment, even things like surnames and professions. I was discussing this with various people like Selena and just felt I really should be able to say more about someone than the likes of "is a bit of a Buffy/Angel shipper", "wears pervy costumes a lot", "drinks vodka and Red Bull" and "can't do the Macarena for shit". Anyway, end result was I started asking various people basics like name and what they did when they weren't at cons. Apologies if anyone was puzzled by my sudden odd interest...

Still not entirely sure where both of this is leading though.
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