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Victory of the Daleks - waterbottles

Yes, really. A late entry for Sad Bastard of the Year (Of course, aeshna_uk has assured me I didn't need to prove to her I was a sad bastard but what aobout the rest of you: can I count on your vote? ;-)):

Is there no end to the Daleks' perfidy? During the Summer, at a party, I glanced down at an action figure of an Ironside Dalek from Victory of the Daleks and it occured to me the waterbottles on the back of the Ironside's webbing were wrong - they appeared to be British '58 Pattern and US M56 waterbottles but, of course, VotD is set during the Blitz (September 1940-May 1941).

Well, having had a chance to rewatch VotD, I was right about the M56 waterbottle (note the plastic loop circled in the shot below):


However, what I thought was 58 Pattern waterbottle is actually a 44 Pattern one (it's metal rather than black plastic) - see screenshot below - which is a lot closer to the right time period but still...


So, do we think Professor Bracewell invented the 44 Pattern and M56 webbing sets or did the Daleks bring them back from the future? ;-)
Tags: doctor who, fan, military, picspam

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