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Mobile tech dilemma

So, Looi's in Malaysia, sampling the sights and food, hasn't posted in ages and he's still whittering on about bloody mobiles.

Still, this one arises from being in Malaysia. Earlier this year, I committed an act of apostasy and upgraded from my Nokia N97 to a HTC Desire Z. The reasons at the time were that Nokia had abandoned both Meego and Symbian for Windows Mobile Phone and canned the original N9 (with a QWERTY slider keyboard) for a version without one.

Now, having had the Desire Z for a while, in general, I like it a lot, especially the range of apps but there are niggles. Most of all, the battery life is the suck - I now have a spare battery to swap over during the day and a cradle that will charge both phone and spare battery.

I got to play with a Lumia 800 at an exhibition at the Design Museum a month or two back and was mightily impressed by the Windows UI. The Lumia 800, however, is clearly a mid-range device - 16GB storage and no expansion etc. Even the virtual keyboard was pretty good (previously, a hardware QWERTY was non-negotiable, the HTC's is pretty awful and inaccurate).

However, playing with a N9 today, that too is very impressive, both in terms of physical hardware and UI, and the Malaysian price is a good £100 lower than Amazon's in the UK. aeshna_uk seemed pretty impressed too. Against that, there's the dubious future of the OS and the limited range of apps. In addition, there's been the recent rumours around the imminent launch of a higher end Lumia 900 circulating as well as vaguer ones of a Nokia slider phone somewhere.

So, I'm more than a little tempted to get a N9, even if it is effectively going to be an interesting experiment than anything else. I suppose that by the time a high-end and/or slider Nokia Windows phone is out, I should also be due for an upgrade on my contract...

Decisions, decisions...
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