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Meant to resume job hunting yesterday but had too many domestic chores to catch up with and, to be frank, I didn't fancy it too much! Did manage to work out how to hook up my MP3 jukebox to the car stereo though. I'll wager Heather, Jackie and Selena are exceedingly relieved I didn't work this out before driving up to End of Days!

Last night was first night back at fencing this term. All I can say is, since the last time I went, I've been to 2 cons, had a dose of chickenpox and been working on a pretty intensive project which didn't leave much time for anything else. All of this does not make for a gentle re-introduction to fencing, especially when there's a new assistant coach whose idea of a warmup is, shall we say, a bit more rigorous than we're used to? Was damned near flatlined by the end of the warmup.

Still, somewhat to my surprise, I won all 3 epee bouts I fought. Only I am seriously stiff all over and now have a new set of epee hit marks to compete with the chickenpox ones.

Mike's still trying to persuade me to go to a competition in Malta. Not sure, the competition would be a lesson in abject humility but a week or two in Malta would be fun.

Not achieved much today either bar a load of laundry. Did watch Buffy 7x21 (coincidentally entitled End of Days). Seems that after a period of treading water, things are actually happening in Buffy again!

Now, off on an expedition to restock the fridge/larder and then to mow the grass...
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