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It's a small world after all - again

It all started off innocuously enough - Just before Christmas, Dad got a call from an ex-colleague inviting him to Genting, a mountain casino resort, for a performance by Arrival, a Swedish Abba tribute band. He said the problem was aeshna_uk and I were in town so we got included too!

It turned out to be rather a grander affair than expected - we found ourselves seated next to the Swedish Ambassador and his wife at dinner. I mentioned I knew the Swedish Ambassador in London who he, not surprisingly, knew too. I know her through her husband who was in my MBA tutor group. Turns out he and the Ambassador had worked at the same firm before he joined the Foreign Service!

As for Arrival, they were pretty good and we had second row VIP seats. Rather amusing to see various VIP and families all bopping away to Abba songs too. Not in a tearing hurry to return to Genting though - rather a bit like a not entirely successful attempt to cram Disneyworld and Las Vegas into a small mountain top. Crowded doesn't begin to describe it!

Also learned by email that I am one of 8 on shortlist for Professional Services Award at work, and have been invited to join the company ski trip. Just one slight snag - it starts before I return to the UK... :-(

Now down in Singapore, survived neice's 3rd Birthday bash and generally exploring Singapore, including a couple of Singapore Slings at the Raffles Hotel Long Bar last night!
Tags: booze, family, malaysia, singapore

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