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Couple of pleasant weekends

Had a couple of fun, if rather hot and sweaty weekends.

Last weekend was mrmrsmith's stag bash which consisted of a treasure hunt around Westminster/Whitehall followed by drinks in Camden Town. The treasure hunt, organised bv Giles, was a lot of fun; following clues from one location to another. I will confess to being more than mildly gratified to note that 25-year old memories of childhood visits to the area and Nokia Maps on my N97 beat Google Maps on the iPhone for accuracy :-) Alas, I wendied out of the drinks rather early - heat combined with too much travelling up and down to Newbury had left me wiped. Still, a great laugh, especially mrmrsmith in a fez!

This weekend, there was a street party in my street, right outside Firebase Finchley. No special occasion, just that some people in the street thought it'd be fun and an opportunity to meet the neighbours. aeshna_uk came up on Friday night and the next day, got to meet the neighbours, pretty much the same time I did: Couple of embarassing incidents where other people who'd also been in the street for decades and I had to admit never having met before. All in all, great fun, much booze consumed, finally got to meet the other people in the street (and their dogs!). Hope there's another one next year!

Other things:
Couldn't resist stopping by Ikea on the way home from company offsite and getting some rather boldly coloured bed linen - choice of colours were very much inspired by Shanghai Tang so I'm blaming my sister for this :-)

Alas, discovered that I've missed this year's Finchley Festival - it was on the 20th, when I was off at the muster at St Ives! :-(

Now struggling to decide what to do about the War and Peace Show at Beltring - looks like nobody else is free to go and that weekend also happens to be a major ECWS muster in Suffolk. Looks like best plan might be to take the Friday off, head down to Beltring and then head up to the muster from there...

Lastly, so, World Cup's over for another 4 years. I must admit, much as my sympathies were with the Dutch, Spain was the better team. I am also moderately amazed that Van Bommel and De Jong managed to avoid getting sent off!
Tags: domestic, east finchley, fun, world cup

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