mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Swift action from FIFA on yesterday's World Cup errors

Looks like FIFA is acting decisively to avoid any repeat of the controversies around Lampard's and Tevez's goals. Yep. They're going to crack down on replays of incidents like that, at the stadia, at least. From BBC news site:

"(Fifa spokesman Nicolas) Maingot added that Fifa will be cracking down on World Cup match action being shown on stadium giant screens after replays of Tevez's disputed goal against Mexico sparked arguments on the pitch.

Maingot said the replaying of such incidents "should not happen" and will be more tightly controlled at future matches."

Yep, that should put a stop to all that nonsense!

Well, at least the Netherlands are winning at the moment.
Tags: world cup, wtf

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