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Adnan Khashoggi, eat your heart out!

Headed back up to sunny, exotic Warrington last night (been informed by friend on Facebook it is/was glassing capital of the UK!) and decided to take advantage of an eBay free listing offer to shift some stuff, including some ACU gear. Yes, I am ditching some Nintendoflage but I figured that, given I've had it a few years and the BDUs still have the tags on and given how ineffective it seems to be as camouflage (it's been frequently referred to as I Can CU!) and that I need the space..

However, when I came to submit the listing, I got a warning that it might be trading is munitions or other items embargoed by the US Government. The solution? Remove the phrase "US Army" from the title (note: not the description!)!

Guess the US Government (or is that eBay) doesn't mind people trading in non-US munitions then.... I feel so much safer already. Not sure whether to use Amused or Appalled as my Mood!

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