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Car - Ouch 
6th-May-2010 07:28 pm
Keep Calm
Picked the car up from the garage. That's the good news. Bad news is that, between the knackered clutch and associated issues, the total came to about what I was looking to spend on upgrade to HD TV. And there's more stuff that is likely to be a problem come next MOT. So, started asking about trade in values too.

Not that long ago, I assumed I'd be wanting to upgrade from a Mondeo to something a tad classier (innit? ;-)) like a Passat or Merc C Class maybe but I've come to realise there aren't that many 5 door hatchbacks of similar size (the Skoda Superb is one that comes to mind) and between cons, skirmishes, musters and the odd trip to Ikea, I have come to really value the sheer size of the boot and the hatchback/folding rear seats configuration.

OK, so the Mondeo's a bit of a rep-mobile but, on the other hand, I rather suspect it's the features that make it appeal to me that make it a rep-mobile i.e. a popular choice for fleet managers.

So, anyone able to recommend a large 5 door hatchback?
6th-May-2010 07:36 pm (UTC)
A more recent model of Mondeo!

I must admit I was a little disappointed that the fuel performance of the current model of diesel wasn't better than the previous version, but apart from that....

Definitely go for the ESP, and if you can, get the "Adaptive Cruise Control". The touch screen Sat nav is excellent, but new discs cost more than a standalone unit!
8th-May-2010 09:20 am (UTC)
Top Gear like the Mondeo so stick with one. And I completely agree with the wonders of a large boot. If I keep buying instruments they're not going to keep fitting inside my Astra.
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