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Doctor Who - The End Of Time

Spoilers for WasteEnd of Time, needless to say. And a little ranty too - be so advised.

Gallifrey Rises but only fleetingly...

Gah. Rather disappointed with The End Of Time. Not so much because it was actively awful - it was adequate. Rather, more for what it seemed to promise after the end of the first part: the return of the Time Lords promised to be epic, especially with Dalton's stirring speech. In the end, the whole thing was wrapped up in an almost incidental manner. Bah. Dalton was still brilliant though.

Still, a few thoughts:
  • The Doctor has long harangued the Time Lords for their non-intervention policy. They then decided to intervene and go to war with the Daleks. What a surprise: war changes people and the Doctor doesn't like that and thus feels at least partially justified in consigning Gallifrey to Hell. The words "cake" and "eat" immediately spring to mind.
  • A friend made the point at a panel at Redemption that maybe the reason the mythology of the Time War is so fascinating and compelling is precisely because details are vague and mysterious and to try to explore it more fully would destroy a lot of that. Kind of like the Clone Wars, really.

Doesn't stop me being irritated at the introduction and waste of a potentially epic storyline though.

Bah. Now looking forward to the reign of Grand Moff Stephen.
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