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Terrorist suspect background

Amazing. It's only taken about half the day but it seems the BBC has twigged that the fact that a student was staying in a million+ Pound apartment in London is not in itself suspicious as a) some families do in fact support their children through university and b) some of those families might in fact be wealthy, especially in the case of overseas students in London - just to be an overseas student in the UK means your family has to be reasonably well off, for the fees if nothing else!

BBC News 24's constant harping on about how a student could be living in a place like that had been irritating the Hell out of me since seeing it this morning. As aeshna_uk can attest, I was yelling at the TV to tell us who his family was! Sure enough, BBC News 24 has just mentioned a banker in Nigeria has apparently said that the guy may be his son. I just hope the security services were a tad quicker on the uptake...
Tags: rant

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