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OK, I've known for a while that the world of consultancy is, shall we say, a tad more flexible than most. The project with my former employers still hasn't happened. Usual problems with client not signing contracts. Then, this evening, I got a call from Germany asking if they could put in a counter-proposal, about a follow-up to the work I did there over the Summer (me, very suave and sophisticated: "Uh, yeah, sure"). Only this would involve going to New York and India too. Oh well, I guess first person to sign gets me. Did have fun telling them I'd be at Senior Partners and in Hong Kong for Christmas and New Year and those weren't subject to negotiation! Actually, they are. Just not at any price they're likely to be willing to pay...

Kind of amusing that all this happens just as I start to spot jobs that interest me...

Other news:
Went to Camden Market to get bits for Senior Partners costumes. The Law & Order one plumbs new depths for low effort. Even by my standards.

Been organising a reunion of ex-colleagues from Renaissance Solutions, my first consulting job. After all this time, they're still the ex-colleagues I feel closest to. Guess that's what comes of spending months working together on overseas projects. The head of the London office once described trying to organise us as "like trying to herd cats" :-) That hasn't changed. I've had to set up a colour-coded Excel sheet to keep track of everyone's (un)available and preferred dates. How the Hell did anyone do this before email?

At post-fencing drinks, Kate asked me about my Christmas period plans. Bit of a killer to have to tell her I was fleeing to Hong Kong
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