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Silly Life of Brian Facebook status update

A couple of nights ago, at long last I finally got round to watching Life of Brian all the way through and found it utterly hilarious - romanes eunt domum, "Welease Wodawick", etc. Also amusing: I posted a staus update on Facebook that I was watching it and this is what ensued (names changed to protect the guilty...):

Kin-Ming Looi is about to watch Life of Brian at long last. romanes eunt domus!
Wittgenstein, David Hume and 2 others like this.

Plato: Fwee Wodawick!

John Stewart Mill: Good choice, I was watching it at the weekend. Mainly cos my UK copy of Holy Grail won't play on the DVD player while my UK copy of Life of Brian will :-S

Rene Descartes: Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly!

David Hume: biggus......

Socrates: Hush! Spoilers! ;-)

Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: I'm not.

Immanuel Kant: But what has Ming ever done for us?

Immanuel Kant: Well, there's the armaments.....
Granted, he is very well armed... so, apart from the armaments, what has Ming ever done for us?

Socrates: Don't forget the arhythmic dancing...

Immanuel Kant: That goes without saying.....
So, apart from the armaments & the arhythmic dancing, what has Ming ever done for us?

Socrates: There's also the low effort costumes.

Immanuel Kant: Of course theres the low effort costumes.....
So, apart from the armaments, the arhythmic dancing & the low effort costumes, what has Ming ever done for us?

Heidegger: cans of lager..........

Immanuel Kant: Naturally theres the cans of lager.....
So.... the armaments, the arhythmic dancing, the low effort costumes & the cans of lager.... Apart from those, what has Ming ever done for us?

Nietzsche: Well he did once become ruler of the universe....

Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: He's not the ruler of the universe, he's a very naughty boy!

Immanuel Kant: Naturally, theres the galactic ruller thing......
So, lets get this right, apart from the armaments, the arhythmic dancing, the low effort costumes, the cans of lager & becoming the ruler of the universe.... what has Ming ever done for us?
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