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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
Taxing questions 
31st-Jul-2009 12:31 am
Issue 1. What to do about the PDA
Looks like the Dell X50V is only mostly dead. Still got the White Screen of Death but when powered up, it makes the boot up ping noise and ActiveSync can see it if I connect it. Thanks to some handy instructions on YouTube, I've managed to open it up (had to pop down to Maplins in Camden Town to find a T6 torx screwdriver!) and disconnect and reconnect the screen but to no avail. One other factor: in a couple of months, I'm due for my next mobile upgrade. So, options seem to be:
  1. Order myself a new screen unit (c £21-25 off eBay) and try replacing it
  2. Send it in for repair (c £85 or about 1/3 the price of a new PDA)
  3. Replace it with a X51V (c £130 off eBay) - lets me keep accessories etc it's a bit of a dead end as Dell got out of the PDA market
  4. Replace it with an iPaq 214. Great reviews, one of the few remaining pure PDAs around but ~£260 plus price of new accessories, mainly new car cradle
  5. Hang on till end September for next mobile upgrade. I have my eye on the Nokia N97 or the HTC TouchPro 2, both of which can handle both PDA and GPS chores. Pricing: GOK what contract prices will be...</ul>

    As an stopgap measure, it might be possible to resurrect my old Toshiba e740 just for satnav purposes.

    Issue 2. Outfit for Gunpowder Mills
    Off to Royal Gunpowder Mills/Waltham Abbey for another muster this weekened. Rawdon's, the host regiment, are having a Law and Disorder themed part on Saturday night. I'm definitely in Lazy-Assed Costume mode so it's a case of picking though existing options. Ones that spring to mind:
    • Psi Cop
    • Orange prison jumpsuit
    • Kate and Simon were discussing digging out their Royal Military Police outfits so I suppose I could take the Singaporean MP kit but that might be a tad obscure for a non-Beltring crowd
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