mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

Mini MBA reunion

Ursula, one of my MBA classmates who buggered off to Australia (and who is/was definitely too clever by half), was back in the UK for a visit and holding one of her once regular barbecues down at the family spread down in Guildford so aeshna_uk and I headed down that way on Saturday.

Elaine and Nick, another two of my ex-classmates were there too. Four of us from our year isn't a huge number but that's still four times more than there were at the Management School alumni party! Nonetheless, it was great fun reminiscing and catching up with them. It was also interesting that we all seemed to miss the intensive learning from the MBA, even after all this time.

The barbecue did mean we were fairly late getting back into London but we decided to head in to the LOTNA meet anyway as there was a discussion/debate about Torchwood Children of Earth planned and it was indeed an entertaining discussion. New pub too, the Leather Exchange, due to the usual pub(s) not being available. Nice venue, I'd be more than happy about switching to it. The novelty of the Thai menues at tge Miller and the Horse have long since worn off...

Almost as importantly, Tim mentioned there's another UNIT-themed lasertag game planned for September. Guess I'd better check in with Phil about that AUG he was tagging up for me!

Currently working my way through Primeval again from the start. Yep, no question about it, Claudia Brown is definitely still terribly cute. However, I'd forgotten what a wonderful character Lester is - "You know, I'm really beginning to regret not staying in management consultancy", "I suppose just bombing somewhere is out of the question"

Really should continue packing for Beltring and Kelmarsh...
Tags: fan, imperial, lotna, mba, primeval

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