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Goodbye, old friend - RIP Poly Fencing Club (1883-2009) 
3rd-Jul-2009 10:02 am
I went down to fence at Polytechnic Fencing Club for the last time last night. Alas, one of the oldest fencing clubs in this country (founded in 1883) closed up yesterday. Basically, we never fully recovered from our enforced one year shutdown when the University of Westminster essentially redeveloped the sports hall at the Regents Street venue and the new school venue we found (with first rate brand new facilities) took longer to complete construction than we (or the school) expected. By the time we started up again, too many of the old regulars had moved on to other clubs or even activities. I must admit that while I went back on Mondays, Thursdays were now Saxon fencing nights. End result was the membership never got back to sustainable levels (we used to get people coming because we had a good regular core of fencers) and two years on, we'd pretty much run through the cash reserves so a decision was made to close up the club.

While no doubt it had good reasons for its decisions, let's just say the University is off my Christmas card list for the forseeable future...

So, I went down last night to fence a couple of bouts and get one more lesson before ducking out early to join Neil and Kate for a few drinks (Neil had to leave early) before being joined by the rest of the club. I realised then that I'd been a member of Poly for longer than any other fencing club, even Highgate School's! I also now appear to be tasked with organising a wake for the club...

So, where now? Obviously, I'll still keep going to Saxon. Jes, the coach, is going to start at ULU on Tuesdays so I might go back there. In addition, various people have suggested the likes of 126 or City. A few of the guys are quite likely to show up at Saxon and/or ULU too.

One consolation - I was looking at doing a dressmaking course at the Hampstead Institute which takes place on a Monday evening so that's one clash I no longer need to worry about...
3rd-Jul-2009 09:27 am (UTC)
Oh that's really sad. I was stolen away by ice skating, but I really enjoyed learning to fence at Poly.
3rd-Jul-2009 02:49 pm (UTC)
Damn, that sucks. I might have only been there for a couple of months, but I'm sorry to see Poly go.
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