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The Necromingicon
The Book of the Howlings of Ming, Seeker After Arcane and Esoteric Truths
28th-Jun-2009 11:58 pm
Went to the White Horse team fencing competition in Abingdon today, fencing ep&eamp;e for the Saxon B team (aka the Fyrd as opposed to the Huscarles A team...). I am so badly out of shape. Format was teams of 3, 1 of each weapon, with a poule unique for each weapon, combined to derive a team seeding and then direct elimination relays (3x10 points, 4 minutes per leg) with order of weapons done randomly.

15 teams so 14 bouts. Ouch. I could definitely feel my rear leg starting to cramp up towards the end. I did OK, better than expected given my recent sporadic attendance - won 8, lost 6 but, overall, team seeding wasn't great.

We drew the Veterans A team for ep&eamp;e, sabre and then foil. I got us off to a good start (10-3) but, alas, we ended up losing 30-21 in the end. Once again, I could feel my leg cramping up but, fortunately, while one of the other team noticed this, the actual person on the piste didn't or I'd have been dead in the water is she'd started moving me back and forth!

Fortunately, the A team got through to the next round but went out 30-28 (I think) in a very close and exciting match.

And now my left leg and right arm are terribly achey and stiff and, yet, I have this strong desire to go fence at Poly tomorrow!

Totally unrelated: my DVD player refused to load up and play my Primeval season 1 DVD. Not sure if its dying or has achieved sentience...
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