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Quiet weekend - recovering from last week at work.

Saturday - got a hair cut (way overdue, another USMC/Looi low maintenance special) and went over to Liz's for dinner. Big surprise: 2/3 of the people present, primarily financial services types started talking about Buffy, Angel, Dr Who, Blake's 7 and even Farscape. Huh. Guess we're gradually assimilating the mundanes ("Convert or die!"). One of them has even expressed an interest in getting Buffy and Angel episode downloads off me! Also got a lead from a friend on where to get good rubber swords (possible prop for Silver Arrow)

Today - another day of lounging about, reading X-Men issues, catching up on Alias and playing Viet Cong. Also started attending to neglected domestic chores, especially laundry. Also barely remembered to paste up and send a Mother's Day fax to Malaysia (they've adopted the American date - sigh...).

Tomorrow I start job hunting again. Last comment on Friday from a colleague was that they were likely to be in touch about follow-up work at some point so I made the point of saying that'd be fine, as long as I hadn't sorted out a permanent job by then.
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