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A very pleasant Christmas (apart from exchange rates)

A very pleasant Christmas indeed. Mei is proving very cute and burbly rather than the howler she was last time I saw her, dogs are also being very entertaining, if prone to poking you with a paw to get you to pay attention to them. Presents included sets of cufflinks and Shanghai Tang gear, always a good thing.

Unfortunately, I think I nay have infected Mum & Dad with the cold I flew in with.

Search for a Vision W has proved fruitless. Not even the Creative Store or Funan Plaza turned up anything. Conclusion: I'm giving up the searhc in favour of sight seeing and getting one off eBay or, possibly, just getting an Archos 5 instead when I get back to London.

Certainly not getting one here as, thanks to Gordon Brown Trousers and Sterling’s incredible freefall act, the unthinkable has happened - London is starting to look cheap for electronics next to Singapore and KL. Presumably, however, only until UK prices are adjusted to take Sterling's weakness into account, so getting one sooner rather than later would be advisable.

OK, so, starting tomorrow - commence touristy things e.g. Haw Par Villa to see the Ten Courts of Hell, the Bukit Timah surrender display, the Battle Box etc. Just as soon as I figure out how to get the Garmin GPS we got the parents working (the Malaysian/Singaporean maps aren't official Garmin ones but some sort of local collaborative project).

Actually, there is one more shopping thing - saw photos of National Service recruits in the new No 4 Nintendoflage so I'll have to pop down to Beach Road to see if I can get a set...
Tags: dogs, mei, rant, singapore, tech

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