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Bitten Addenda

Just a few things I omitted to mention earlier:

I very embarrassingly forgot to mention my Birthday present from Heather (burntcopper): a great book on the Knights Templar. Thanks very much - l've had a lot of fun flicking through it.

During the temporary scare on Saturday night about a load of cash being missing, I was seriously worried as I had just over that on me in cash to pay for the tac vest and no ATM receipts or similar to prove it was mine! Just as well it was all resolved quickly!

On Sunday morning Heather commented "The backpack of conventioning makes an apperance at last". Hadn't realised my black Jansport bag had been such an inseparable accessory at cons that it's absence at Bitten had been noted! From The Feng Shui Detective, a book I recently read: "The trappings of a man's life become his life"
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