mingmerciless (mingmerciless) wrote,

"You're Finnish, you're digital, and you're mine..."

Latest additions to Looi's World Of Camo:
  • Australian DPCU aka woodland AUSCAM aka Jellybean aka Amoeba
  • Finnish M/05 Nintendoflage

That last one is one I have been after ever since I first saw photos of experimental versions in 2003 but the Finns have managed to keep very tight control of the stuff. So, imagine my surprise when I spotted a chap in Poland selling sets of it. And now it's mine, picked up from the Post Office this morning. :contented sigh: ;-)

Now, about that Philippine SAF and Jordanian Nintendoflage...

That and a chance to actually wear some of this kit - my attempt to get up to Finmere last weekend ended halfway there at a roundabout just North East of Dunstable when my clutch crapped out :-(

Oh, my TV watching seems to have become almost exclusively the Military History Channel ever since I discovered it!
Tags: airsoft, military

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