November 2nd, 2010


Consulting the Oracle - mobile phones

Bird entrails etc optional.

My mother's looking for a new phone. Her requirements are broadly as follows:
  • Will be predominantly for basic talk and text
  • She's keen on a touchscreen device
  • Good UI - she's also been exclusively a Nokia user to date
  • Not too complex - she views phones like my N97 or my sister's iPhone as over-sophisticated/complicated
  • Not too big - again, she thinks my N97 is a bit on the chunky side

So, anyone know of a mobile which meets the above reqs?
ARVN Ranger

Sat Cong!

Some time ago, I bought an ARVN poster off eBay. I finally found somewhere that could scan it for me. I'm not sure exactly when it dates from - there's no details on it but, given it has the 3rd Division on there, it's got be late 1971 or after. Irrespective, it's pretty!


I know, strictly speaking, it's a RVNAF poster rather than strictly ARVN as it has the Air Force and Navy represented too but the central motif is an ARVN soldier and the majority of unit crests are ARVN too...