September 24th, 2009

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Airsoft repairs

Finally got round to sorting out AEG problems dating back to July! So:
  • Thompson - non-firing. Odd one. Stripped down the receiver, connected up a battery and it started firing again. Sealed it up again and it was still working (still chronoing in at average of 325.84fps). Oh well, gift horses and mouths and all that.
  • AUG A3 from Detling - no semi-auto, full auto only. As I guessed at Detling, it wasn;t too hard to sort out. Realised the problem was that the trigger wasn't returning after first single shot, hence no semi-auto thereafter. On stripping down the receiver, I noticed the return spring was just plain missing! Solution: box of miscellaneous springs from Maplins, cost: £2.99. I was, however, surprised that it's only clocking in at 285.49fps, given these things had a rep for firing rather hot ie c 450fps. Still, at least I didn't have to crack the gearbox.
  • M16 VN - front sling swivel disconnected. Simplest one of all. Just needed a new roll pin to hold the swivel in place. Again, solution from Maplins: box of miscellaneous roll pins, also £2.99!
  • AUG - gearbox blowing fuse. Got the gearbox out but it was still blowing fuses and not firing. Decided I wasn't quite brave enough to crack open the gearbox due to the upgraded Systema components inside so I took it to Wolf. Problem has now been diagnosed as the metal piston head causing the gearbox to lock up (seems the gears don't always mesh properly) so it's being replaced with a POM and should be ready to pick up tomorrow.

In the meantime, I rebuilt the AUG with the military receiver (with the inbuilt scope/carry handle) and the original stock gearbox since I now have the A3 with more rail real estate for scopes, torches etc than you can shake a stick at.

Need a folding foregrip for the A3 though. Incidentally, the difference in moulding build quality between the Jin Gong and Tokyo Marui AUGs is really apparent!
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