December 17th, 2007

Looi Kin-Ming

An embarassment of riches

Wednesday: a most pleasant dinner with aeshna_uk at Mela to mark her return from the Southern hemisphere.

Saturday: collected the AUG from Wolf with a new trigger mechanism so it actually does do single shot again, then down to Shakespeare Head for smaller than usual pub meet. I appear to now be down to do two discussion thingies at Serenity Complete with jmswallow now!

Sunday: Met up with Nigel and Gary at Finmere. Just as well I took a spare AEG - the hop on the AUG's missing a little plastic retaining ring which meant its accurate range was probably lower than for throwing them. Fortunately, yet again, I have the necessary spare bits at home... Nonetheless, another outing with the AK47. Maybe I've been reading too much about the Vietnam war but my ammunition expenditure does seem much higher when I use the AK!

Site itself was OK, bit sparse on cover but I'm told it's a lot better when it's not actually the depths of Winter (very glad I chose to wear the Danish cam again on the basis that it's the heaviest, warmest set I have!). The toilets reeked though...

Also think I found someone with possibly an even more obscure camo than anything I have - one based on a Pakistani arid/desert pattern! Still more effective at Finmere than ACU (aka I Can CU) though... The chap was also selling various bits of kit so I picked up a Danecam boonie for £10. Given that the site fee that day was only £1, that effectively meant a half price skirmish with a free Danecam boonie thrown in! So, a fun, if cold, day out then.

This weekend - too many options. Friday I'm off to see The Men They Couldn't Hang with Kate and Simon but Saturday:
  1. Pub meet round 2 - went to last Saturday's but I haven't seem Steve and Jo in ages
  2. Airsofting at Urban Assault - not been there in ages and Cookie, who I also haven't seen in ages, is going so he can collect a Christmas present (an MP-40!) for his brother
  3. Airsofting at Ultimate Wargames - Simon, who's crashing with me Friday is keen to go as he could get himself site-registered