December 9th, 2007

Fire select

Would you sell a Realistic Imitation Firearm to this man?

Went down to Ultimate Wargames yesterday with mrmrsmith. Definitely a tad on the damp and muddy side. I started off thinking my CADPATs were a bit too green for the setting but they didn't stay too green for long! Another fun if wet day though.

Still, highlight was that, because it was my third trip down, I could apply for site membership and hence UKARA registration. Yep, good Sir, lock up your son and daughter, I am now permitted to buy airsoft guns once more. Had to dash out during the lunch break to the nearest Morrison's to get ID photos taken though. Got some funny looks as I staggered in in my wet muddy CADPATs! So, would you sell a Realistic Imitation Firearm to this man? ;-)

One amusing thing - as he was sorting out the ID card, Dean, the proprietor, said "Have to ask - what's your secret?" which initially alarmed me. Turned out he and his wife couldn't believe I was pushing 40. Alas, if only...

So, what do I have my eye on?

One bummer - the barrel/foregrip cover on the Thompson sheared off while Shaun was using it :-( Not sure how feasible obtaining a replacement will be, but I discovered that I had a spare left over from the Thompson that was converted into a Pulse Rifle. Almost. That one is a Marui, the current Thompson is a Cyma. The parts are almost identical but the Marui barrel cover appears to be just 1mm too narrow at the point it mates with the gun body. Hopefully it can be ground out...In the meantime, time to investigate what the most powerful metal glue I can get my hands on is...

EDIT: Got the Marui outer barrel on after a bit of effort. It occurs to me there's one unexpected minor benefit of this: I was planning to get a wood kit for the Thompson but it's designed for the Marui rather than the Cyma - the biggest difference is that the bolt which holds the foregrip on is angled on the Marui but vertical on the Cyma, requiring a bit of extra drilling of the foregrip for the latter. Not any more, I guess! ;-)

Nonetheless, still rather tempted to join Gary and Nigel at Finmere next Sunday!